25 mistakes you should make before turning 25

Who the hell wants to grow, everybody wants a cocoon that stagnates times at 25, but life is a bitch, you gotta realize you got nothing in your hands.
You will grow old, but you should realize there has to be a story entrailing your growing age. and i am not going to tell you how these mistakes will help, because it is an overall process, it’s like a result out of the amalgm

Here is your list to that will give you a story and mettle to face the challenges

1.Be self obsessed
Love your self like crazy, be a narcissit, carry a mirror, just keep yourself happy with who you are and how you look.

2.Be a street fighter
Keep kicking asses instead of kissing.

3.Waste time
be idle, don’t do any thing productive, it’s all yours.

4.Bribe people
In any way, just get your work done by hook or crook

5.Chop your ears
Don’t listen to anybody

6.Dont read manual’s
whatever you got just start doing, they are not meant for you, you are too smart

as much as you can with everyone

8.Just spend that money in your pocket
what are you saving for.

Be as a reckless driver as you can be, if you survive you will turn too darn good.

10. Unpunctual
Don’t respect it, it’s a man-made concept.

11.Keep sailing against the tide
you will never reach the shore.

12.Don’t study for exams
Flunk those exams,but don’t waste a year. cheat your way through.

13.Make stories
Be the best story teller as possible.

14.Pursue a course you never wanted
It will make you realize how desperately you need your passion.

15. Make fun of people
Anything they do is wrong whatever you do is right.

16.Don’t carry cash in your pocket
After this you will the most frugal planner.

17.Don’t read books
Be the dumbest and yet argumentative.

18.Think highly of yourself
It’s you you and you. listen up kid you are just too perfect for this world.

19. Friends first family second
you will love this

20.Smoke and think you are cool
Develop your own style of holding the that coffin nail.

21.Be as stubborn as possible
Your ears are not meant for listening.

22.Date dumb men/women
This will surely kill you.

23.Befriend everyone
Specially unsuccessful people older than you.

24.Ditch him/her
Just be selfishly driven

25.Fall in love with a person who hates the above
And let the change prevail.

Keep the dream alive!!


2 thoughts on “25 mistakes you should make before turning 25

  1. salman khan

    well for those who read it and have already committed all these mistakes or those who are planning to, just keep in mind that its only the mistakes u do, that make me the man u are…. and if u think smartly enough, there is something amazing u would learn from each of these mistake…. so go on, and be spoilt, and come out with brilliance!




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