Humans and the identity crisis

4.6 Billion years ago the earth came into existence and humans date back to 200,000 years ago which is empirical.
Since, the beginning of the human race,it has separated it self from the peer group,the oldest being the tribal system , which goes goes back to as long as we can gown into history.
We have successfully segregated ourselves into innumerable groups
religion,sects, caste, color, creed, ethnicity,society, monetarily, clubs, groups and trust me this list can never finish, you talk about it we develop it.
In this search for distinction we have lost the basic concept of the unification of our race, we just kept dividing with any and every plausible division that could be made.
We find calling ourselves human as too generic, hence we came up with divisive systems and started calling ourselves Christians, buddhists, muslims, jews, hindus, as different belief systems, but when these systems grew too big, we just kept it narrowing till the time it reached us, so now we have tag’s to us Mr.ex, mongolian, american descent, sufi, working as horse trainer at the warlaw academy, now this is what you called “to personalise”.Although this is an inherent problem as per me, which needs catharsis. I do not mean to depersonalise but why not just be Mr.ex living in norway instead of looking for jobs that will give attractive business cards with glamorous designations, looking for school of thoughts with cool names, the “skulls and bones society”, the irish american, instead try “being universal”.
Division is really not that important, and the situation is getting even perverted, we have started too associate ourselves with hate and love identity, just to top the prevailing identities, like pro-nazi, anti-wahabbi,where is this all coming from, don”t be mad when i say oil, but yes it is oil post first industrial revolution of 1854 we have more time now, you heard it right, an average human is more idle now and an empty can only be a devils or a philosophers workshop, we need to understand, instead of respecting the genealogy you share with the person, think about the psychology you share with them.
We are living in an age where scientific advancement don’t even give us a chance to keep us in-pace with it, following a divisive system will just worsen the on-going situations, war’s, prejudice sectarianism, border politic’s we need identify the truth, that it is only going to be a collective effort that will reach us to zenith, where and egalitarian society can persist, No dream is ever too big, ideal situation can be achieved with a continuous struggle for excellence,change is all that ever was and ever will be.
Keep the dream alive !!!



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