Born average

The topic says a major deal about the blog in the first place, but how much do you connect, do you realize that everything you are doing might be right, but it may still go in vain. I mean you can actually have a factual reason to curse everything around you, but this is how life is. you can never predict, you can never depict and still you never say never.

My thought process is for 7 billion- 1% who are billionaires, they will remain the way they are, and you cannot blame or vent out, nobody is there to listen, you may try a hand at International court of justice , asking “why was I born in these circumstances” and “he or she to a billionaire”, i can just hope for justice for you and if you get do let me know. The world is an unfair and random(similar to this blog) place. You are all  by yourself  you cannot blame or change the realm, the only person you can blame is yourself, you do not like your present situation, “CHANGE IT”. One has to try till he succeeds with utmost honesty and results might still be futile, depressing , but i cannot sugar coat, you have no other way but to go the old school way, try and try and die for whatever you want to become whom so ever you want to be, but this all in the context to usual ambitions an individual posses, “I want to be very rich and very famous”, we have to realize that money and fame are bi-products of our success, you cannot be famous just for the heck of it or rich just to become rich, we have to excel and the rest will follow.

Lets try average, just “be” what you always wanted to be, forget that money exists and fame occurs, now introspect, if you know what you really want to do out of your life, you are not walking but straddling the path to success, you will always find a few or many who would admire what you do and that will make you happy, and happiness cannot be measured, there is no scaling process, if you are happy with yourself, you just found the best thing that could happen to ones life, although with this happiness you  might still be a misnomer, but  is life  all about showing what you got, where are you going to come in your life, do things for yourself and for those who love you and whom you love instead for the masses and the applause.
Because trust me in the end you are all by yourself. the final walk has to be alone.

Remember life is unfair but you have no options but to keep the focus and just be and do whatever you want.

keep the dream alive!



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