It is pointless

Wake up early, drink water and then give your reflection a smile, he/she deserves it.

I am depressed, stressed, pressurized, tensed .

Now, I have a statement cum question to make for the above, why the fuck and what the fuck?

Stress or whatever adjective one might use, we will deputize  it with “cola”(this is also pointlessly consumed).

Problems occur and they are an indispensable part of an individuals journey, but they occur because they can be solved no matter how big or small, they can be resolved but not with same mind they were created, you have to change your approach.

If X is a problem then Y is a solution, it is all juxtaposition,  and there is no set pattern to solve it, but a clear mind which is adaptive, fresh with a positive approach. LOOK, life was, is and will be unfair nothing to worry about, just cease the moment and start analyzing the journey which resulted a problem and you will develop the pattern when you traverse that journey that will result a solution. So the crux is, take a deep breath smile and  just vent the negativity out.

“Failure the biggest achievement”

“You fail you learn and you win because you learned”

The beauty of failing is that it comes with a humongous bag of teachings, which you won’t forget in a lifetime they get embedded but then you have to do something so substantial that evening failing for them is an absolute glory.Ever wondered why office going people bitch the maximum, spend the maximum as per their potential and lie the maximum although there is an exception to this which being the secondary leadership, so coming back to the point why office going people do the above because they are mechanical they are people who live in a cocoon and decay their, there apprehension for loosing security kills their being and they acquire the negative traits.

The reason why entrepreneurs and secondary leadership are interesting people, who happen to be listeners and smile and scold at the same time because they are not mechanical in nature they are the risk taker’s the positive thinkers.Negativity and sense of security are directly proportional, the reason you feel insecure for quitting your job and may be starting something new, is the reason because you think negative. and you annihilate your being, the gift of life, you care about what others might think of you is also sacrificing your social image security, one cannot afford to be owned by others by this i mean when you think what people might judge you to be, when you are  engaging in a particular act is the time they are owning you by their trait of being judgmental, and the way you set yourself free is by doing what you like instead of fearing and developing negative thoughts, so all you got to do is take a deep breathe take a step,smile and levitate, you might gain all what you just lost.






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