Western winter, the Indian summer and the Arab spring

Across the spectrum, the idea of an Arab is a hardliner, intolerant. fanatic tribe, which lives in a desert has oil hence rich, ignorant, arrogant in a nut shell very much distinct from the mainstream society.

How did this mindset evolved?

Like there is no fire without a spark, there are people who match the above adjectives, but we are more of a media driven and a west inspired society, we don’t to want to do even the rudimentary  research work for ourselves we have given that part to the few media organisation, they cook we eat.

But i have a feeling which I believe is strong enough to be exhibited socially.
what is the epitome of critical thinking?

The highest order of education is when you rebuke, when you think above the religions and the age old traditions and you value your freedom as much as value oxygen moreover when you fight for it, as it is rightly said, “when injustice become law resistance become duty” the arabs fought, standing against a government regime held by callous tyrants, it is no small thing, it’s tougher than waging a war against a country which is rather easier now thanks to big brothers, and that to when your demonstrations are primarily peaceful in nature fighting against your own people is like moving mountains, and toppling 40 year old hegemonic establishment is no day to day thing, when was the last time you heard an abdication in modern time, even hitler was supported by his own people, now these things cannot be done by camel ridding falafel eating, intolerant, ignorant, uneducated clan, this task can only be achieved by people who have achieved the highest form of education who are freethinkers, people who think. Not what we think they do, “men being chased away for being too good looking”. Fighting for your rights against your own people is no joke,  developing a thought process against a tyrant is a sin you are branded as saboteurs, thought-criminals, had the arabs  been uneducated then it would have been impossible to achieve the task, and here the idea of educated is not english-centric, it is about thinking critically and it’s fighting for your people, your rights, not caring about your life, taking that extra inch.
No wonder spring is a beautiful season. They showed us it is.

How the winters are?

“The cold people, ineffective to thoughts” whilst, as per the global standards the educated societies, the west I mean.
These corporate run governments, how many times you heard a protest in these countries, occupy wall street?, you came to streets,when your slavery was taken,they came to streets when their freedom was taken, and that to occupy wall street is like dormant a futile movement, it is not because the situation turned all perfect it is because they have engineered people in such a comfort zone that they are embedded and cant “think”, their basic ability to critically evaluate is extinct.

One example each for the people, do the research yourself because i promote thinking.   Google monsanto and agent orange, and for EU just research about  reasons for economic crisis and you will get the answers yourself, i mean these people are in a far worst conditions than the arabs, for them  George orwell rightly said

  “Freedom is slavery, war is peace, ignorance in strength”

when will this summer end?

Indians, the greatest brains in the world, as per silicon valley 50% patents are due to indians.
What good are the brains who can’t stand against the government for their own people.Scam after scam the worlds greatest democracy is just the worlds greatest Kleptocracy, what have we achieved with the resources we had, NOTHING, we are the oldest surviving civilization in the world, is this what we deserve, are we even critical thinkers which we happened to be 4000 years back, are we regressing?.

We have to end this summer it is burning, we need a spring season we need to learn from the arabs how to stand for your people against your government we need to learn patriotism from the sacrifice of mohammed bouazizi(fruit vendor) of Tunisia.
    “A patriot is a person who defends it’s people against its government”.
we need freedom we need governments that install corporations, not more corporations who install governments.

Freedom is what we require, we got an example we have a methodology now, we just got to inculcate it in us. Because it is not arabs who are people, it is the people who are arabs,it is the people who make the government. No example is small enough to learn from.




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