Why you should not regret your regrets


“Life will always put you with few genuinely bankable options rest will be hazard oriented, but then every hazard has it’s own charm and enlightenment, so why shy away and restrain”

Explore the endless possibilities which life is bequeathed with, which may lead you with failures and a way to overcome them is regret.

Chant this mantra involuntarily every time.
“I will do it now because I don’t want to regret later”


What is regret?

Repentance or regret is a personal self-explanatory. motivating mental mechanism that matures you for your advancement in life, it gives you a reason to say ” no not again

Be honest with your regrets and they will be your best friends, they will be like those old left behind buddies who would constantly remind you not to meet them again for your own good, they will be loyal to you if you be accept them honesty.

How do you regret?

You can only be in rue of things if you experiment, you have to play with fire in order to know it burns you, you can still be crazy and then absorb from it albeit you need to differentiate between crazy and being random.

Don’t make mistakes just because Einstein made, rather make mistakes to progress for your well being.

so make mistakes learn and then make those mistakes your old left behind friends.

Life might not always give you a second, remember it’s unfair with few options and you can’t complain“.

why should you regret?

You would not want to regress in life, so why not regret the blooper, they act as a rod and you as a child, that feeling of remorse will take you great heights.
Make your regrets as a nail which grows on a chair on which sit, the more mistakes you make  the pointed and longer the nail gets, you would not want to sit on it, so you stand, and you can fly standing not sitting on the nail which will give you pain.
Have a positive mind and regret they will act as great spotters for you.

I regret I wasted yesterday, so I will make most of today.

I regret not asking that girl/boy out, so I could now

Regret=Growth+ enlightenment.


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