More to life than 9ine 2o 5ive


“Fear is the passion of the slaves”
Unshackle thy selves to believe in yourselves, to believe is to be, and to be is believe.

Have a dream for yourself because this is YOUR life, you have a duty towards your being.

Getting up from the same bed at the same time and then making the same movements will stunt your mind, you need to have labile approach to make things straddle, stop making the zombie out of your body, you have a path to tread, a road to pave, a purpose to accomplish.

Do not bind yourselves, “if you think adventure is dangerous, try regular, it’s fatal”.Some believe opportunity is what we get, but opportunity is the bi-product of our actions, so get your actions goal-oriented, get your thoughts goal oriented, remember, “small people discuss people, good people discuss events, great people discuss ideas”. opportunity is what you will create for yourselves, so develop a goal-oriented thought process.

Have a goal and attach your life to it, make every day an attempt to score your goal, make every moment a thought to achieve your goal, things will start falling in place all by themselves, just build that goal for yourselves. It will give your existence a reason, it will make your death a finish line.

Ideate as much as possible, because the inception of an idea, is the induction of life to your lives, and start moving forward with what you ideate, good or bad, at least you will come to know the position your idea was on, and it will leave your mind empty for new a idea to evolve.

If you think your life is all about making others life happy. then ask the people whose life your are making happy, what is their life all about?, you need to give time to yourself because the journey is long, get used to yourself.

Remember, regrets are good, but not the ones you deliberately make them to be, your mistakes teach you a lesson not your lethargy.

Have a life apart from the schedule, because when your work is right, your life is right and even your sleep is a part of your work, so that you can get fresh to do better, everything will hold a purpose,every moment will have it’s meaning. So make the moments right, the thoughts inclined, you will enjoy your path.



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