15 things for a 25


Time is a man-made factor, but that does not connotes we can ignore it,just because “sail against the tide” is a cool adage, does not mean we can use it every aspect of life.

25 years of age and still have an obscure idea about oneself, does not entitles you to be a looser but yes a little more introspection and contemplation is required.

Here we have the 15’s before you turn 25

Quit all addictions                                                                                                          Being a slave to some addictive does not make you cool but rather casual, and by 25, dude you got to run now,because when you were 20 you thought you would be flying by now.Health is important,”your body is the best tool you would ever own” cherish it.

Socialize                                                                                                                        “Your personality is the sum of 5 people you spend your time with”, find the right people and share your thoughts and have an extended network of just “greet and go” both will make you grow.

 Read                                                                                                                            Need not say much about it, from Playboy to Harry potter to Fountain head to Gita to juicer manual to any text, just read, it will open a world for you.

Travel                                                                                                                           There are two words in my life that I love so much that I even like the way they look, travel being one of them,  just let go, any place any where, moreover have the perception of a traveller, appreciate everything, there is something good in everything, it will make your life less complicated.

Venture                                                                                                                        Take that extra step and start something of your own to which you can get emotionally attached, and which might yield you something monetarily as well it help you later, if you do not trust me ask warren buffet.

Community service                                                                                                       You owe something to the people around you, give back to the community, everybody lives a life  for themselves, but the one who lives for others is like living many lives.

Write                                                                                                                            Get a pen and scribble your life, trust me you will learn the value of the time wasted.

Workout                                                                                                                       You will start ageing soon your tissues will repair slower, hit the gym and lift and run after 6 months time you will marry me for this.

Flings                                                                                                                            Have some bad relationships, trust me women are form Venus and men are form Mars(do read the book), there is a bipolar difference between the two and the more you fling the  better you understand the opposite sex, it will help you have a stable relationship at some point of time, but then, when it’s right, it’s right.

Hobby                                                                                                                           Develop a habit that rejuvenates you everyday.

Self sustainable                                                                                                         Be self-sustainable, cook healthy meals for yourself, make your own money start helping yourself.

Meditate                                                                                                                       Relax the top region of your body, trust me it will wear out soon.

Theist or atheist                                                                                                            Question everything, do not be dogmatic, be censorious and then tell yourself ” I am alone or not”, be positive with any of the two none will harm you.

Labile                                                                                                                            Have a permanent urge for change, world is moving too fast, you got to be in pace in order to enjoy every feature of life.

Prepare for the 40                                                                                                      Start preparing for your 40 by living the present, none should get cannibalised. Life is a short bitch. Live it .
















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