The uneasy nostalgia


You know what sucks, realizing everything you ever believed in was a “tragedy”, and then you convalescence  for a better you,  “want to be a better man”, and then you again realize what motivated you to be better man, you do not even like a figment of that motivation any more, things change and they turn good and bad.

Your habits your taste your perspective, you just turn into a different you, Transition!

Then comes a time in your life you just do not want to look the part which made you change, you turn laconic although the relationship does not turns acrimonious, but you just do not like the deja vu any more, you do not want to reminisce the songs you once enjoyed listening to, you look for the real you, what have you become, is something about to change, if yes then where is my “diary of Jane”, I am trying to find my place.

I do not believe in tomorrows they make me wait, I believe in unshackling the power of the present, hold me for once, because something is about to break, I wont let myself burn, but I hate the heat, I hate being desperate it makes people gullible, I will find myself, I know my place, the tripping on the path has taught me when to run, walk, jump, fly, but still something is getting in my way, the distortion in life has been mitigated thanks to Mr. time,but, what will I become now.
finally the long paused song resumes or may be the life has just started to sing again.
What will become of me now?

“Most days of the year are unremarkable, they begin and they with no lasting memories made in between.
Most days have no impact on the course of our lives.
You cannot ascribe great cosmic significance to an earthly event.
Coincidence that is all anything ever is nothing more than coincidence.
There are no miracles there is no such thing as fate, nothing is meant to be.”
-A very random blog



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