The Three year long Spring


Where the world looks all peaceful within no ongoing wars the Middle East is marked by intra-country political disruptions which have wreathed the countries into the state of lawlessness where thousands are killed and fate of the majority hangs suspended in bane.

Where stability is a distant dream, where sectarian violence is slicing the countries apart, where myriad militia have taken over hunger and malady has strung every household, what will be the future of the young generation watching their homelands being ripped apart being bathed in blood of their brothers and sisters ?

In the contemporary where education is pivotal for every young adult millions of youngsters are devoid of education because of the political havoc in their  respective homelands.
An Uprising that expected to bring a new dawn to the controlled yet stable governments of the Middle East is marred by uncertainty. The immolation of mohammad bouzazi seems to futile for the middle east as a whole, but for his own country a new constitution may bring new hope to the battered state of Tunisia a country which was primacy for the Arab Spring, Tunisia is controlling itself but for the rest of countries condition seems dire, where up till 1700 Egyptians have lost their lives the country is still confused with the direction it wants to head although the country has introduced a new constitution which was only voted by 38% of the large Egyptian population the Muslim brotherhood being banned is a good development but the military coup is not what the 1700 Egyptians sacrificed their lives for,  Democracy is still  a distant dream with the ongoing havoc between the police and Brotherhood supporters making the country into a mere faltering battleground with the recent bomb blasts which claimed the lives of 7 proves Egypt is not going to convalescence any time soon, stability is still a distant dream, the life of future generation is being suffered by the pandemonium in the sate the future appears bleak three years is a long time 1700 are too many lives to be sacrificed, still the madness of the few wrecking the country apart, annihilating the future of the state, but the situation in Egypt is Utopian if compared to the neighbor Syria more than 130,000 lives have been taken not sacrificed what started with a peaceful uprising, the cynicism of the west and Wahhabi states translated it to be a butchery.


Where terrorist from around the world are flocking for a regime change beheading the innocent blazing the buildings, the country is expected to nowhere near future to re-surge every resource in the country is in shambles with battling forces from Iran and government resisting the Al-qaeda and other groups trying to take over the country with the on going Geneva II no solution seems to surface apart from women and children from Homs can leave the city occupied by the government. It’s the madness and cynicism of the few that make the masses suffer, be it Hiltler, Bush, king Abdullah for their political avarice the future suffers of the nation because the future of the children and youngster suffer which lead the nation in the years to come.



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