Why has Iraq failed to stabilize after the US withdrawal?



The Iraq war has become the most contentious issue in American foreign policy.  As per the intellectuals  the war was raised on sham grounds which resulted in an expense of almost 6 trillion dollars which was paid directly through the American tax payers pocket, leading to great amount of dissent amongst the American  masses , the majority Americans wanted a withdrawal of forces from the Iraqi soil, But the grounds on which the war was raised was still missing,  the weapons of mass destruction were yet to be discovered, the war truly was one of the most controversial war in the modern times and it was made more controversial when the erstwhile director general of OPCW( Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons), exposed that he was hectored out of the organization, by U.S.A , being more specific US official John Bolton, because Bustani had been negotiating with the Iraqi regime, and was hoping to persuade them to sign up to the OPCW, thus granting OPCW inspectors full access to Iraq’s purported chemical weapons arsenal. If Bustani had succeeded, this would have placed a formidable obstacle in the path of the Bush administration’s war plans, by removing their ostensible motive. Bustani’s supporters insist this was the reason why the US forced him out.

                Finally the first invasion of Iraq starting on 20 March 2003 by an invasion force led by the United States commenced resulting in a death of about one million people and 50,000 children, the war is believed to be marred by conspiracy theories but the larger picture remains that is a war for petrol fought for the Americas depleting economy, as our Indian ambassador to Iraq, Ranjit singh kahla states “ Iraq is a barren land with no beauty but oil that also of the highest quality, with one of the most penurious extraction cost about a dollar and a half for a barrel and low in Sulphur as well, making it very price effective to extract and refine at the same time”, and coveted for any ambitious country.

The war for oil lasted for almost eight years with something that I personally find funny is a withdrawal date to it, how can a country give date when it is in a state of war?, so the last of American forces left Iraq on 18 December 2011, after an  crummy democracy was elected which formed the Shiite government under the leadership of Noor-al-maliki , but the situation is dire in IRAQ with a faltering economy, bringing it to the dark ages heavy interference from co-religious country Iran and a perpetual sectarian violence, killing civilians almost every day, as per the Lancet survey the causality rate is alarming, it’s a staggering “Overall post-invasion: 13.2 deaths/1,000/year”.


The abrupt withdrawal:


“The Iraq war has become one of the most polarizing issues in American politics. Most Democrats, including Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois.), want large, early troop cuts; most Republicans, including Senator John McCain (R-Arizona.), want U.S. troops to stay until Iraq’s stability is guaranteed. Years of bad news from the front have hardened these divisions along partisan lines and embittered many on both sides. Today, however, there is reason to believe that the debate over Iraq can change. A series of positive developments in the past year and a half offers hope that the desire of so many Americans to bring the troops home can be fulfilled without leaving Iraq in chaos. The right approach, in other words, can partly square Obama’s goal of redeploying large numbers of U.S. forces sooner rather than later with McCain’s goal of ensuring stability in Iraq.” – How to Leave a Stable Iraq  by  Stephen Biddle.


The common view is that Noor-al-maliki’s leadership has replaced the Saddam era’s Sunni repression of the majority Shiites with the Shiite repression of the minority Sunnis. His critics say, the kind of abuses that filled human rights dossiers under Saddam, and are now carried out by thuggish gangs that have proliferated under Mr. Maliki’s rule. These abuses include kidnappings; assassinations; arbitrary arrests; faceless denunciations, often rooted in personal grudges; secret prisons; torture and disappearances; and dozens of executions, many of people accused of being Sunni extremists, and allowed little in the way of a real defense, according to a report last summer by a special United Nations investigator.

The withdrawal is also termed as a fake exercise because right now there are 20,000 American officials in Iraq working in the American embassy, which out rightly a large and skeptical figure for a country.


The present day IRAQ:


The present day Iraq is splintered with sectarian violence, the recent acquisition being the capture of towns of Fajullah and Ramadi by Al-Qaida and local militia, Iraq is on brink of division with ongoing bloody strife in Syria supported by despotic Saudi monarchy leaving the middle east in a state of limbo, a country with meager resources is fighting battles within itself and holding the foreign forces at bay, although the shia government has support from Iran government which has also been accused of waging a war against the sunni Alqaeda in Syria, the Middleeast is torn into shia and the sunni where the sunni countries and terrorism is explicitly supported by the American ally Saudi Arabia the minority shia countries are supported by the tactical Iran. Iraq being a battle ground for both foreign elements the Saudi and the Iran, and suffering is done by the Iraqi in the form of the suicide bombing and rampant genocide committed by Saudi backed al-qaida and the sunni miitia who purported them as the retaliation of the shia government on sunni minority in Iraq. The number of deaths in Iraq is so humongous that it is not even featured in the daily news but just kept as record on few websites, In 2013 alone 7517 people died due to sectarian violence as per Policymic.com.


Although reconstruction activities are carried by the US but as Christian T. Millers  states in his book the bloody money the framework of reconstruction of the country is porous and marked by corruption that any reconstruction attempt seems far off the coast right now. So now the country has little hope, apart from hope from TIME if it heals for them as well.

How I think Iraq can achieve stability?


The Middle-east is an inter twined land zone with a common religion, same tribe largely so the policy of one country greatly effects the other.


First and foremost one of my audacious goal would be introducing democracy in one of the world’s most despicable land mass called Saudi Arabia.

Absolute annihilation of al-qaida not the American but the Cambodian way like Khmer rogue executions.


Declaring Wahhabi’ism school of thought banned and if possible Salafi school of thought as well.


Since the religious ratio in Iraq is almost 60 to 40 shia-sunni respectively, the government should adopt the Lebanese administrative style of electing separate portfolio for a separate sect, this will promote secularism and moreover it will curb the expurgation of sunni muslims by shia authorities.


Having an Educational, Military and Medical infrastructure partnership with a America will save them.




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