Iran’s post revolution achievements

The Iran-Israel Observer

Many Iranians are proud of Iran’s post revolution cinematic achievements.

Today is the 35th anniversary of Iran’s 1979 revolution.

There have been achievements in Iran since the 79 revolution. Iran’s cinema has flourished. It has won an Oscar. There have been investments in rural areas, and advancement in literacy rates (although I suspect that this would have eventually happened under the Shah too). And there are limited elections in Iran and criticism of the government.

However overall, the revolution has been a failure.

In terms of economy and politics, in many areas life in Iran today is worse than it was in 1979.

Yes there are  now more political institutions and elections in Iran than during the Shah. But overwhelming majority of the power in Iran remains in the hands of the unelected regime bodies such as the judiciary, the various intelligence bodies and the Supreme Leader himself. Choosing the…

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