The rise of the right wing!



“The world is round and politics takes us around”. The year is 2014 and the last established mainstream religion is 1400 old. Just when we thought that science and reason is getting entrenched in the public discourse, people have more spare time to create and innovate, compared to what our antecedents had 100 years back. The majority of the population is living in cities which are highly globalized, more people die of obesity related diseases than of hunger and famine. Education amongst the masses is heralding and virtually becoming free (MOOC) that is if you don’t consider the conventional education the only form of education. This is the era of trade, Internet, social media, free trade, information and that the world is one big home. Just when you thought the world is beautiful place to live in, which indeed it is, some organization don’t seem to be much gruntled with our close to good condition.
Right wing parties are on the rise, these political gangs are like a mosquito which ignores the immaculate body and sits on the wound, they make you portend and scare you, they are the “big brother” Geogre Orwell mention in his dystopian work 1984.
After the world war II which was caused by bigoted right wingers, the world witnessed unfathomable devastation that can be incepted by a meager ideology and the effects it can lead to are beyond human comprehension. After  the massive devastation caused by the war, the world witnessed some shifts in the global contours, the geometrical division of middle east, division and independence of India, the change of the world order and then the world came to an almost peace like situation, the developed world concentrated more on trade, making developing world a consumer of its production, technological innovation was on a rise and in order to supplement the growing desires of the developing world the developed world open its gate to immigrants to meet the labour shortage due to the ever increasing demand of goods and products, cultural cross pollination had begun, this was the era globalisation .

The developing world was soon keeping in pace with the developed, the military might of the countries was supplanted by the economic might. GDP’S started playing a more dominant role over nuclear arsenal.

The global economic meltdown lead to the (re)emeregence of right wing in Austria after the fall of the iron curtain this bores testimony to the fact that the politically hungry right wing had been waiting for an opportune time to prey upon the economically vulnerable people as the economic insecurity gives rise to populism, the media savvy right wing started its job from an Austrian news report, which stated “40,000 Romanian immigrants waiting on the border to enter Austria”, the indigenous population became more wary of the fact of losing their jobs, national security, their cultural and religious tradition as they were made to think by the right wing that these could be compromised, the right wingers  schmoozer built a state of fear amongst the people, like the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) claimed that India is home 10 million Bangladeshi immigrants in the capital city of new Delhi. The right wingers use any weak thing as scapegoat by building fear, they arbitrarily define or construct an in-group and demonize pluralism and that is how they come to power but their power is more to do with siphoning of taxes paid by the people and propagating their bigoted agendas and corporate cronyism.

In Ukraine the west supported the neo-Nazis and they came to power after massive defiance. In the Middle-east the emirs and oligarchs retain the power by instilling a western fear amongst the masses by keeping them deliberately poor and uneducated to fulfill their vested interests. In India the rise of the BJP is also because of the abysmal situation of the economy leading to high rate of unemployment amongst the youth, In Sweden, Denmark, France, Finland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Immigrants and purported as a major fear by the right wingers and thereby consolidating vote of the intimidated they run the countries or to rightly say they run the “Republic of fear”.



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