20 Lessons you will learn in your 20’s !

Believing in your self is the only thing worth believing in. We spend a great deal of time trying to analyse what life is and what it has in it’s kitty for us, but only after few time bound experiences we  conclude with the answers we are looking for.

1. Failure is an achievement, the de facto principle you will learn by now is, that failing is glorious, instead of not making a move.

2. Relationships may hold you down and sever your growth.

3. Life is unfair and you will learn to live with it.

4. Certificate courses don’t tantamount to job opportunities.

5. Living for a a passion is worth living.

6. Money is hard to earn and slips easily.

7. The “fear of the unknown” needs to be dealt with.

8. Travelling opens your mind like religion closes.

9. Everybody has a different path to follow, you just need to look for your own.

10. Your opinion about a lot of things must have changed, clubbing every weekend does not excites you anymore.

11. You wish to have developed a lot of habits in your teens that would have been helpful to you now, like reading books or not smoking.

12. You don’t need to convince everyone of what you are all about.

13. A skill is important better get that before you turn 30.

14. You are a manifestation of your surroundings, if you don’t have good one, keep to your books, they will prove to be  a prolific company.play you need both to sustain the long race called life.

15. Risk is important and you know how to take the plunge.

16. Your school friends cling on to you longer than most the people you meet.

17. You don’t necessarily need someones company all the time, you know how to manage alone

18. Emotions are good but they hold you, and you wont be this ebullient and industrious again, so time to .

19. The path of obstacles is the path to glory.

20. Life after 30 is largely a result of what you do in your 20’s, so it is important to strike the right balance between hard work and play, you will need to both to sustain the journey called life.

Keep the dream alive !



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